Space and X-Plane Model Photo Gallery

Here we go: a place to display fotos of your built-up spacecraft and X-plane models; a virtual model display room, if you will. If you have any space or experimental aircraft models you want to display here, please send me some email and I'll send instructions on what to do. I'm pretty easy, but I feel that I must limit this to spacecraft, launch vehicles, missiles, experimental aircraft, and some (but definitely not all) SF stuff. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's have some fun showing off our stuff!


  • US Manned Spacecraft
  • US Missiles and Launch Vehicles
  • US X-Planes and Experimental Aircraft
  • US Unmanned Spacecraft
  • USSR/Russian Manned Spacecraft
  • USSR/Russian Unmanned Spacecraft
  • USSR/Russian Missiles and Launch Vehicles
  • European/Asian Missiles and Launch Vehicles
  • European/Asian Unmanned Spacecraft
  • European/Asian Experimental Aircraft
  • Classic Speculative: The Way the Future Was Updated! 1/6/21
  • Current Speculative: The Way the Future Could Be Updated! 4/14/21

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    Ninfinger self portrait
    Sven Knudson, IPMS#32490