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      Name Size Creator Created
    directory !Retro Rocket X-43A models
    bigger files of our X-43A models
      retroindustrial 03/28/2004
    directory 'Shuttle Model Information'
    Travelling 30 years back...Booklet for space modelers, published by Rockwell Int. in July 1974 with drawings by Dustin W. Carter. It's the first Shuttle drawings I've seen per se that have cross sections of fuselage and wings, BTW.
      grishka2003 10/27/2004
    directory 1-144 Jupiter
    Kitbash from NW Juno II
      peterojoe 09/01/2004
    directory 144 Manned LVs
    Collection of 1/144 Manned LVs
      g_fesenger 12/29/2004
    directory 2004 Space Coast Contest
    Entries at the Space Coast Contest 3/27/04
      realspacemodels 03/29/2004
    directory 288 IIS
    Linden's 1/288 STS START IIS
      lindensims 03/24/2004
    directory 60's US Manned Spacecraft
    1/72 RealSpace kits w/Airfix LM. Marks my re-entry into modeling after a long absence...
      noplate 12/31/2004
    directory 72 Shenzhou kit
    three pictures of the new Shenzhou kit
      oneofthejonesboys 04/21/2004
    directory Accurate Models F1 pub. shots
    Final beauty shots of the prototype
      customreplicator 12/18/2004
    directory All Saturn Launches
    Three Photos showing All Saturn I, Saturn IB and Saturn V launches
      reuben_barton 06/08/2004
    directory ANGARA 1.1 Reference
    How NPO Khrunichev has started its still-born family of modular launchers...Winning competitor to Energia-M.
      grishka2003 11/03/2004
    directory Apollo 11 model
      neblweffah 10/17/2004
    directory Apollo CSM
    1/48 scale scratch built CSMs
      daweeks01 08/02/2004
    directory Apollo Saturn 1966 stuff
    Variuos Apollo-Saturn Stuff from Interavia Magazine 10/1966
      grishka2003 11/01/2004
    directory Apollo-Titan 3C
      mike_robel 11/07/2004
    directory Astronaut show
    Astronauts signing autographs - Labor Day 2004
      customreplicator 09/04/2004
    directory Atomic City Faith 7 Buildup
    Photos of a work in progress
      g_fesenger 12/31/2004
    directory Atomic City Mercury Built-up
      oneofthejonesboys 12/21/2004
    directory Aurora 7
      robspace54 03/31/2004
    directory card X-20
    X-20 built from card
      istimirantstella 06/24/2004
    directory CEV "Schirra"
    Scratchbuilt 1/32nd-scale CEV based (kind of) on LM concept drawings....
      istimirantstella 03/09/2004
    directory Cincinnati Scale Modelers 2004
      robspace54 10/16/2004
    directory Circle Cutter
      robspace54 10/04/2004
    directory Concept CEV
    Concept model of a CEV found on the John Frassintino and Associates Webstie
      mike_robel 06/06/2004
    directory Cradle of Aviation Museum
    A few pics from my recent visit
      spacey8me 07/21/2004
    directory ccssc
      sprtnsky 07/18/2004
    directory Delta IV Launch
      mike_robel 12/21/2004
    directory Dragon 1-400 Saturn V
      peterojoe 06/12/2004
    directory Drew Huffman Papercraft
    Images of Papercraft in progress
      drewid142 07/31/2004
    directory Els's models
    my humble models
      dayra_1 08/07/2004
    directory EMPIRE
    LMSC 1963 proposal to NASA
      robspace54 11/17/2004
    directory Endeavour belly tiles
    OPF images of Endeavours belly tiles
      nsulkes2 12/30/2004
    directory Energiya-M Reference
    NPO Energiya 1991 drawings of Energiya-M
      grishka2003 11/17/2004
    directory Explorer 18 from the old book
      europa135 03/03/2004
    directory F-102A N617NA
    F-102 flown by astronauts
      kladivat 09/19/2004
    directory F1 Engine Kit
    Sample instruction pages - Copyright 2004, Accurate Models
      derbas7 12/09/2004
    directory fourth scale Mercury
    scratch built Mercury capsule
      mercury7sigma 03/10/2004
    directory Frost Effect
    Pictures of Juno II model with frost-ice effect
      ramonfrg 07/24/2004
    directory Gemini Adapter Power Layout
    Battery & Fuel cell layout for Gemini 3 through 12
      reuben_barton 05/19/2004
    directory Genesis
      spacecraftengr 09/08/2004
    directory GT engine ignition
    Close up screen caps of Gemini Titan ignition
      lindensims 04/12/2004
    directory Hardened rover
    A fortified version of Eric te Groen's paper MER
      lindensims 03/05/2004
    directory Hubble solar panel
    Scratch built panel
      martin00sr 11/28/2004
    directory Hughes 376 Sat. Detail Pix
      spacecraftengr 03/11/2004
    directory Huygens
    Titan lander probe
      robspace54 12/04/2004
    directory IPMS Atlanta
    models and a wild gang
      sprtnsky 01/31/2004
    directory JPL's JIMO model
      kevtk135 09/23/2004
    directory Kliper (Clipper) Reference
    New generation of Russian manned spacecraft, under developement by RKK Energiya. All drawings (c) RKK Energiya
      grishka2003 11/06/2004
    directory KSC STS SRB Segment Railcars
      spacecraftengr 03/07/2004
    directory Large Scale Paper Models
      gkitmach 05/10/2004
    directory Luna 9
    First successful lunar soft lander.
      robspace54 10/15/2004
    directory Lunar Module
      robspace54 11/05/2004
    directory LUT Model Pics
    1:200 Scale LUT Model
      ferndog5150 07/23/2004
    directory Mercury SC Reference
      daweeks01 12/08/2004
    directory MercuryAtlas models
    1/144 models of Mercury capsule Atlas boosters
      kladivat 03/05/2004
    directory Mike Robel's Titan 3C-Apollo
      mike_robel 10/20/2004
    directory MIR Protons reference
      grishka2003 11/04/2004
    directory MIR Reference
    MIR space station reference diagrams and cutaways from "Orbital Complex MIR 1996-2001" book (c) RKA, Videocosmos.
      grishka2003 10/23/2004
    directory MIR-2 Space Station Reference
    Dreamed in 1984 as Soviet answer to Freedom project, RIP as idea of ISS arised
      grishka2003 11/02/2004
    directory Monogram Shuttle 72nd
    Matt Bacon's shuttle build-up
      mattbacon 03/04/2004
    directory More NERVA Madness...
    A couple of pics of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsvilles- NERVA engine- quitely rusting away in the Northern Alabama sun!
      oneofthejonesboys 03/08/2004
    directory MPC Pilgrim Observer
      robspace54 03/10/2004
    directory MR-3 Build-up
    Pictures of New Ware's MR-3 1/144 build up
      ramonfrg 09/17/2004
    directory myshuttle
    my space shuttle launch complex - scratch build 1/72 scale. lets see i've been working on this on and off for about 10 years.
      fantum0000 04/23/2004
    directory NASA F-102
    NASA's F102A
      rocketmji 12/24/2004
    directory NATS 2004
    Real Space at NATS
      lindensims 08/07/2004
    directory NB-52B 12-17-04
    NASA Retires 008
      newmanispwest 12/17/2004
    directory Nerva Engine Model
    Pictures of Nerva Engine contractor model
      ramonfrg 03/08/2004
    directory New Pad 39A Diorama Pics
    new photos of Frank's diorama
      artjock37 05/27/2004
    directory New Ware Soyuz Landing Diorama
    prototype model, built as Soyuz 29
      andi_wuestner 05/06/2004
    directory Nibbler
    Using a nibbling tool
      robspace54 03/30/2004
    directory paper lut development
      jleslie48 11/06/2004
    directory Pilgrim
    Notional Mecury based lunar lander from "The Pilgrim Project."
      robspace54 05/21/2004
    directory RealSpace Models Pioneer 10
      spacey8me 04/19/2004
    directory Redstone, Jupiter C Tail Detail
    Closeup photos of NASM Jupiter C showing stencils, vents, etc
      g_fesenger 08/11/2004
    directory RELAY Satellite plans
      kevtk135 12/28/2004
    directory Saturn I Profiles
    Photos and Line drawing of Saturn I profiles from SA-1 to SA-10
      reuben_barton 02/21/2004
    directory Saturn V
    progress pictures
      martin00sr 07/06/2004
    directory Saturn V Instrument Unit Pictures
    Location: Marshal Spaceflight Center Huntsville, Alabama
      ramonfrg 08/04/2004
    directory Saturn V LUT
    A scale model of the Saturn V and LUT
      tturiello 11/03/2004
    directory Service Module Interior pix
      spacecraftengr 04/11/2004
    directory Shen Zhou 5 colors
    Images of first manned Chinese spacecraft
      cosmos1443 06/26/2004
    directory Sigma 7
    1-48 Revellogram / Realspace / New Ware
      peterojoe 08/19/2004
    directory Sigma 7 photos
    Photos of Sigma 7 at Astro Hall of Fame
      peterojoe 12/13/2004
    directory Soyuz TM & TMA Reference Drawings
      grishka2003 10/28/2004
    directory Soyuz U-2 (11A511U-2) drawings
    Superb drawings of Soyuz U-2 launcher with Soyuz TM-12 by V.Minakov from Modelist-Constructor magazine #5/2002. Soyuz U-2 used new syntetic fuel 'cycline', that proved to be too expensive to use - so Soyuz U became Russian space workhorse now.
      grishka2003 10/28/2004
    directory Space Walk of Fame
    Titusville Searstown Mall
      mike_robel 04/26/2004
    directory Sputnik 1 (PS-1) reference
    Sputnik 1 reference drawings&photos from "RKK Energia 1946-1996 book" (Russian Edition)
      grishka2003 10/24/2004
    directory Super Guppy
    NASA Super Guppy model
      peterojoe 12/30/2004
    directory Transformer shuttle
    Hasegawaw orbiter
      jimlayfield 05/18/2004
    directory VAB repaint 1998
    Pix of NASA meatball being added to the VAB in 1998
      nsulkes2 07/21/2004
    directory Vandy STS Launch Mount
      spacecraftengr 12/25/2004
    directory Vanguard
    Vanguard details
      rockethistory1950 07/06/2004
    directory vista lm LRV version
      jimlayfield 04/12/2004
    directory Von Braun Ferry Rocket
      d_geraths 09/21/2004
    directory Vostok Interiors
      spacecraftengr 10/08/2004
    directory Vostok reference
    Vostok spacecraft and launcher reference drawings
      grishka2003 10/30/2004
    directory X-1 Diorama_1_32nd
      spacecraftengr 09/15/2004
    directory X-2
      newmanispwest 09/15/2004
    directory X-plane Ground Support
    Edwards Jeeps and Beeps
      newmanispwest 05/09/2004
    directory x43_paper_repaint
      jleslie48 03/29/2004
    113 KB nl_mar 03/01/2004
    image/ 01.JPG
    NB 52A + X 15 1/72 scale 1
    386 KB norwaytbird 02/10/2004
    image/ 01_A_02 Front side Of Ap5 LM.jpg
    A nice front view of Ap5's LM in Q&C building.
    246 KB panasonic_fc 10/06/2004
    image/ 01_A_Apollo 5 LM in OPF.jpg
    Another view of Apollo 5 LM in Q&C building.
    221 KB panasonic_fc 10/06/2004
    image/ 01_A_apollo 5 underneth.jpg
    Here's a view looking at Apollo 5's LM while stackinging, larger view!
    584 KB panasonic_fc 10/06/2004
    image/ 01_Frances 9-5-04 _03.jpg
    Bigger Pic version of Mercury/Redstone Damage by Frances
    163 KB thinzzy_6712 09/05/2004
    image/ 02.JPG
    NB 52A and X 15 1/72 2
    348 KB norwaytbird 02/10/2004
    image/ 02_b04pd1721_03.jpg
    _01 Recent Pic of M/redstone damage from Frances 9-8-04
    249 KB thinzzy_6712 09/08/2004
    image/ 1.jpg
    cpx 19
    50 KB rockethistory1950 05/29/2004
    image/ 1963.jpg
    nasa space suits in 1963
    176 KB lounge60 04/22/2004
    image/ 20_1_090504_frances_rocket_555.jpg
    35 KB terry_hafer 09/05/2004
    image/ A13HGA.jpg
    Apollo 13 HGA damage
    197 KB spacey8me 02/18/2004
    image/ A13HGA2.jpg
    Alternate outline of damaged HGA dish?
    133 KB spacey8me 02/18/2004
    image/ ap7-KSC-68PC-187HR.jpg
    Apollo 7 Launch Beauty Shot_VAB
    30 KB spacecraftengr 12/29/2004
    image/ BD2E9988.jpg
    Pad39A Diorama Photo
    80 KB artjock37 05/27/2004
    image/ Buranlaunch1.jpg
    Buran Launch
    31 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ Buranlaunch2.jpg
    Buran Launch
    33 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ Buranpad1.jpg
    Buran on Pad
    90 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ Buranpad2.jpg
    Buran on Pad
    102 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ cas-antenna-side-view.jpg
    Cassini high gain
    29 KB robspace54 11/20/2004
    image/ cas-high2.jpg
    16 KB robspace54 11/20/2004
    image/ cas-radar-feeds.gif
    Cassini radar feeds
    44 KB robspace54 11/20/2004
    image/ century.jpg
    A century of flight... the reason for the shuttle model
    91 KB mattbacon 03/05/2004
    image/ CEV_SRB.jpg
    Shuttle SRB based CEV vehicle proposal
    20 KB reuben_barton 09/26/2004
    image/ CM_1-24.jpg
    1/24 CM paper model test
    205 KB jortmann2 03/19/2004
    image/ Corona_Agena.jpg
    2002 Vandy Airshow display
    79 KB spacecraftengr 09/17/2004
    image/ Delta_IV_Heavy_Lift.jpg
    Delta IV Heavy Lift Growth Options Slide Presentation - Boeing
    238 KB reuben_barton 06/01/2004
    image/ Disney Layout.jpg
    1950's "Rocket to the Moon" 3-view
    146 KB noplate 11/25/2004
    image/ Dsc00648.jpg
    lut and vab about 1/237
    1839 KB normanreyburn 07/26/2004
    image/ DSCSLOGO.gif
    DSCS III B6 & A3 logo
    51 KB erik_tegroen 03/22/2004
    image/ dyna-soar.jpg
    112 KB nivek626 03/09/2004
    image/ ET_at_VAB_04pd1266.jpg
    748 KB spacecraftengr 07/04/2004
    image/ hgatest.jpg
    Photo of inside of Cassini High Gain Antenna
    30 KB realspacemodels 11/19/2004
    image/ HS_Spaceplane_Study.JPG
    Space Cruiser
    182 KB darrenlonghorn 04/09/2004
    image/ Hughes376.jpg
    A different version of Palapa/Westar diagram
    171 KB spacey8me 03/11/2004
    image/ IPMS Warren Real Space 2003.JPG
    IPMS Warren 2003 Spring Invitational Real Space Entries
    423 KB ramonfrg 03/17/2004
    image/ ISS NASM 2.jpg
    828 KB retroindustrial 08/15/2004
    image/ iss01e5396.jpg
    Space shuttle TPS orbital view from ISS
    197 KB spacey8me 12/28/2004
    image/ LB7 chute.jpg
    Liberty Bell 7 parachute
    102 KB peterojoe 02/24/2004
    application/pdf lee_mer_03.pdf
    MER document
    1345 KB miliputman 09/08/2004
    image/ lut_proton.jpg
    current LUT project, Proton zvezda (mir)
    145 KB jleslie48 11/04/2004
    image/ Mercury_Jupiter.jpg
    Photo of Mercury-Jupiter launch created with Paint Shop Pro
    49 KB reuben_barton 06/13/2004
    image/ Mercury_Jupiter4.jpg
    Juno ( jupiter ) rocket with capsule
    74 KB erik_tegroen 06/13/2004
    image/ modelx2.jpg
    Muroc Models 144th X-2
    68 KB newmanispwest 04/24/2004
    image/ moonshuttle.jpg
    This is the nascent SED LLV "moon shuttle" from the 1980s.
    57 KB robspace54 03/05/2004
    image/ N1launch1.jpg
    N-1 launch
    63 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ N1launch2.jpg
    N-1 launch
    49 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ N1launch3.jpg
    N-1 Launch
    54 KB saturnapollo 08/15/2004
    image/ ok120-92.gif
    Energiya pre-Buran studies, 'OK-120' (1975) and 'OC-92' (1976) - before all Buran orbiter works were passed to NPO Molniya
    22 KB grishka2003 12/24/2004
    text/html open_2004_05_093.jpeg
    Space ferry
    1 KB scanam2003 04/15/2004
    image/ Orion at Descartes.jpg
    Vista LM, Lunar Models LRV and Reheat 120mm figure
    204 KB saturnapollo 04/17/2004
    image/ Pad39AJMC.JPG
    Pad 39A picture shot during my Spring 2004 Titusville trip. It is a VERY big image file, so don't rush the download.
    2321 KB jmchladek 04/22/2004
    image/ PIETER
    41 KB nl_mar 03/01/2004
    application/pdf PIP-Drft_031121secure31.pdf
    Mars Science Laboratory Rover
    1828 KB miliputman 09/22/2004
    image/ polyus.jpg
    Energiya with Polyus payload aka Skif-DM aka MIR-2 on pad '86
    359 KB grishka2003 11/19/2004
    image/ poshroud.jpg
    Pilgrim Observer Shroud
    61 KB lindensims 11/19/2004
    image/ Sigma7_pic.jpg
    A pic by Wally
    39 KB spacecraftengr 08/16/2004
    image/ sm_top.jpg
    Pict of the top of the Apollo Service Module (@ JSC)
    375 KB ieatdirtmedia 07/30/2004
    image/ SMinsulation.jpg
    Service Module forward bulkhead insulation
    97 KB realspacemodels 04/29/2004
    image/ Stowage B1 Decal 4.jpg
    231 KB spacey8me 12/31/2004
    image/ sts1.jpg
    Alternate STS-1
    64 KB lounge60 12/07/2004
    image/ sts1a.jpg
    Alternate STS-1a
    86 KB lounge60 12/07/2004
    image/ sts1b.jpg
    Alternate STS-1b
    51 KB lounge60 12/07/2004
    application/ surveyor3.pdf
    Surveyor 3 from JPL tech report
    1089 KB mc_egroups 03/12/2004
    image/ titanAPOLLO2.jpg
    My Titan III- Apollo concept
    48 KB klydemorris 10/15/2004
    image/ TKS-OPS-Almaz_Salyut-Soyuz-11.jpg
    553 KB grishka2003 11/22/2004
    image/ Vostok panels.JPG
    Vostok panels
    809 KB martin00sr 05/19/2004
    image/ Vostok surface.jpg
    Vostok 1 and 5 Surface
    170 KB gkitmach 05/10/2004
    image/ WESTAR6.jpg
    Westar 6 grab
    159 KB europa135 03/12/2004
    image/ x2model.jpg
    Muroc Models 144th X-2
    36 KB newmanispwest 04/24/2004

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