NB-52 Pylons

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image/ 003_008.jpg
Photo of both NB-52's, each with a X-15
83 KB 04/28/2002
image/ 64_4103_2.jpg
Photo of the X-15A2 on 003
41 KB 04/28/2002
image/ HM1.jpg
X-15 under the wing of the High and Mighty One
33 KB 03/13/2002
image/ a2below.jpg
X-15A2/NB-52 in flight
25 KB 04/28/2002
image/ a2black.jpg
X-15A2 in black scheme under the NB-52
27 KB 04/28/2002
image/ a2black2.jpg
X-15A2 in black scheme
25 KB 04/28/2002
image/ a2drop.jpg
X-15A2 shortly after drop
23 KB 04/28/2002
image/ aftR.jpg
Crew working on a X-15 mounted on the pylon
97 KB 03/13/2002
image/ aftx24b.jpg
Photo of the X-24B on the NB-52 pylon
94 KB 03/22/2002
image/ fltx24a.jpg
NB-52/X-24A in flight.
21 KB 03/23/2002
image/ fltx24b.jpg
Close-up of the X-24B and the NB-52 in flight
28 KB 03/22/2002
image/ h21x15.jpg
a rescue H-21 flies behind the NB-52/X-15
45 KB 03/13/2002
image/ knight.jpg
NB-52/X-15 during Pete Knight's Mach 6.7 flight
34 KB 04/28/2002
image/ knight2.jpg
NB-52/X-15 during Pete Knight's Mach 6.7 flight
27 KB 04/28/2002
image/ nb52x24b.jpg
X-24B and the NB-52 on the ground
102 KB 03/22/2002
image/ noseL.jpg
X-15 being raised to the pylon. Photo is marked 1751-58
83 KB 03/13/2002
image/ nosepyl.jpg
X-15 about to be raised to the pylon.
90 KB 03/13/2002
image/ nosex24a.jpg
NB-52/X-24A on the ground.
54 KB 03/23/2002
image/ team.jpg
Aircraft, crew and ground vehicles needed for X-24B flight
43 KB 03/22/2002
image/ x24a.jpg
X-24A on the pylon.
39 KB 03/23/2002