B-52 pylons

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image/ 1dec58.jpg
early X-15 being placed on pylon
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image/ 870.jpg
HiMAT on pylon, side view
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image/ e26546.jpg
B&W of B-52 and early F-15 RPRV
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image/ ec73_3804.jpg
B-52 with F-15 RPRV in 1973
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image/ ecn11223.jpg
HiMAT on pylon, aft view
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image/ ecn3644.jpg
front view of F-15 RPRV on pylon
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image/ ecn3809.jpg
Underside of F-15 RPRV on B-52
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image/ ecn9408.jpg
HiMAT on pylon, front view
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image/ flight.jpg
X-24B under the wing of the NB-52
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image/ hist3.jpg
HiMAT pylon on B-52
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image/ hist4.jpg
HiMAT mated to the pylon
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image/ jacks.jpg
early X-15 being lifted with jacks to the pylon
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image/ nose.jpg
Right side of the NB-52 nose
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image/ pylon.jpg
HiMAT adaptor on X-15 pylon
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image/ rear.jpg
ground shot of X-24B mated to the NB-52
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image/ taxi.jpg
B-52/X-15 on ground during taxi
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image/ x38pyl.jpg
X-38 pylon drawing, as used on early flights.
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