All Sorts of Soviet Space

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image/ Buran fly-in-lowres.JPG
Buran orbiter flown in to Baikonur on the back of a Bison bomber
123 KB 02/15/2001
image/ Earlymir-lores.JPG
Mir in 1986. Only modules: Mir-core and Kvant 1
47 KB 02/15/2001
image/ Energiya fly-in-lowres.JPG
Central core of Energia booster flown in to Baikonur on back of Bison bomber
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image/ LESnew-lowres.JPG
New LES on the soyuz. Note: only 4 large engine-bells on the LES and 4 smaller ones. This LES is also longer than the old one.
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image/ LESold-lowres.JPG
Launch Escape System old-style on the Soyuz-booster. Note a ring of engine-bells around the LES
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image/ Module construction-lowres.JPG
This is probably one of the Mir modules under construction. Sorry about the guy standing in the way. Can anyone tell me what module this is?
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image/ enginebellsoyuz-lowres.JPG
Shot showing the inside of the engine-bells of the Soyuz-booster
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image/ vostok1color-lowres.JPG
This is a rare color-picture of the launch of Vostok 1. This picture was originally retouched to hide certain details from foreign observers.
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