Titan II (Gemini Configuration)
1/24th Scale
Researched and drawn by
Robert W. Blaske, 1996

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About the Scale

Reference Material

A Note About the Drawings

About the File Format

About the Scale:

These drawings are scaled to be compatible with the Revell 1/24th Gemini Capsule. Other scales may be achieved by simply resizing the drawings appropriately. This may be easily accomplished by changing the percentage in the Print Setup dialog box.

1/144th ­ 16.66%
1/96th ­ 25%
1/72nd ­ 33.33%
1/48th ­ 50%
1/24th ­ 100%

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­Titan II on display at the Marshall Flight Center - Huntsville, Alabama. Measurements were taken directly from the vehicle. Also "near" isometric photographs were taken and dimensions were estimated from these photographs.

­"Rockets of the World: A Modeler's Guide", ©1993 Peter Alway.

­Various materials generously provided by the Air and Space Museum's Archives Reference Team. Special thanks to Tom Newman.

­Instruction Manual for Eagles Talon 1/48th scale Gemini Titan II.

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About the Drawings:

Effort was made to obtain accurate reference data. However many dimensions were still estimated from photographic references. These estimations were always kept in the bounds of known dimensions. All drawings are 1/24th scale. The original drawings were created with MiniCad 6.0 on the Macintosh.

Areas that are particularly susceptible to estimation:

­Medium and small parts within the Stage-1 engine (YLR-87) estimated from isometric photographs.

­All dimensions of the Stage-2 engine (YLR-91) and its support structure estimated from 3/4 view and isometric line drawings.

­The top half (Gemini Modifications) of Stage-2 external detail estimations from isometric line drawings and photographs.

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About the File Formatting:

Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF) was chosen because Adobe Acrobat files may be opened on just about every major computer platform and printed to most types of printers. A laser printer is recommended. The most current version of the Adobe Acrobat software may be obtained free from the Adobe web site:

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