SMOKIN II: The Airfix LM

The second project for the Space Modelers Online Kit Instruction Network (SMOKIN, get it?) will be to build the Airfix 1/72 scale LM. It's currently available and can easily be built straight out of the box or tricked out to the max. The object is to provide tips, hints and support for all who participate in the project. This page is intended to supplement the discussions that will ensue on the space-modelers email group. Mostly this will consist of links to other web sites with reference information on the various Apollo LMs, from Apollo 5 to Apollo 17. If y'all run across any useful ones, email me and I'll include them here.


Apollo 11 (LM-5) thermal coverings

These drawings were provided by David Weeks from information provided by Paul Fjeld (author of the Lunar Module Data Page). The colors in them are only keys to the panel colors and surface finishes, not the actual colors! They also show many of the details necessary to superdetail your model. Click on the thumbnail to get the full sized drawing.

"The Eagle Has Landed...": Building an accurate Apollo 11 LM from the Airfix kit

I found this old magazine edition of Modelworld (Vol. 1, No. 3, November 1972) in a Big Box o'Zines at a hobby shop back in the mid-'80s or so and thought the article might prove useful to the SMOKIN II project. Again, click on the thumbnail to get the full sized page.

David Carlton kindly send along a copy of a follow-up article in the Vol. 1, No.8, edition of Modelworld.