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Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
(ASTP) kit help

Welcome, all my space-modeler buddies.  Here you will find some great images to help you buildup your ASTP kit.

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Early design studies
- Docking Module
- Soyuz
Mission Photography
- Apollo
- Soyuz
Revell Kit Instructions
RealSpace Models Block II CSM kit instructions
Glenn Johnson's Revell CSM Block II Mods
Emblems - Flags and ASTP patch for model-related artwork
Links - Some other people who are helping out on this project and any other good info I can find on ASTP.


Original painting by Alexei Leonov

323 Kb

ASTP painting by artist Robert McCall which was made into a stamp
107 Kb
Nice one of the Soyuz

559 Kb

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Early Design Studies
Early design for the Docking Module (DM)
28 Kb
Early concept for CSM-Soyuz docking

72 Kb

Another concept for the DM

94 Kb

Another concept for the CSM-Soyuz docking
52 Kb
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~Docking Module~
Cutaway diagram of the DM

123 Kb

Exterior details of the DM

194 Kb

Translation manuever and docking of the CSM to the DM
123 Kb


64 Kb
Apollo CSM/DM 
and Soyuz

138 Kb

Scale drawing of 
Dave Weeks

Mike Mackoski's Space In Miniature ASTP Soyuz Diagrams
Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3

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Mission Photography
3/4 view of CSM/DM

156 Kb

Frontal view
(+ X)

95 Kb

Bottom (+ Z) view.  Note the square antenna for the Doppler receiver betwen the RCS quads at top of SM and the thermal damage on the SPS bell
387 Kb
CSM prep.  Note the configuration of the US Flag and UNITED STATES decals above the Doppler antenna on the SM
282 Kb
Close-up of SM Doppler antenna - with digital enhancement of images to the right

121 Kb


Top view (- Z) of Soyuz 19

251 Kb

Rear/bottom view
Note that bottom of solar panels are white

80 Kb

Side view (+Y)

382 Kb

Soyuz docked to Apollo DM.  Note the 3 piece docking target on the Soyuz
80 KB

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Revell Kit Instructions:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

RealSpace Models Block II CSM kit instructions:


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for those needing such things to make stands and/or decals, here are some emblems:

US Flag USSR Flag Apollo/ Soyuz Patch


Jim Gerard's ASTP SMOKIN' page - Jim has setup his own page to show his progress on his ASTP.  Attaboy, Jim!

Stephen Pombo has started a web page to show his SMOKIN' project progress.
Click here.

NASA PAO History Office ASTP Technical Diagrams

Glenn Johnson of RealSpace Models is offering a special buy on his 1/96 scale CSM,  just for this project.

Mike Mackowski's "Space In Miniature" booklets are valuable tools for this project, and any space modeling project.  His "Soviet Spacecraft" book is available from his web site.

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