Paper Models

Looking for a break from the plastic habit? There are free paper models of various spacecraft available for download from a bunch of places. Here are those that I know about. You may also want to check out the Card Modeling FAQ page at:

NASA Hyper III (in German) New! 3/29/16
US, Russian, European and Japanese launch vehicles and satellites
Apollo BPC, SM, and LES
JPL Spacecraft: JUNO, Galileo, Cassini, Stardust, Genesis, and more
Solar System Exploration Paper Models: Cassini, CONTOUR, Galileo, Genesis, Lunar Prospector, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, NEAR, Pioneer 10, Stardus, SOHO, and more
Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian Space in Card Models
Space shuttles and ISS
CNES Paper Models: Ariane 5, Calipso, Corot, Jason 1, Stentor, and more (in French)
Mars Express
Venus Express
CardInSpace: Little Joe and Mercury Redstone
Neils Paper Models: Viking 7, Viking 10 and Ariane 1
Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Satellite
Deep Impact
Laszlo Vadasz's paper models: Soyuz launch vehicle, Mercury-Redstone launch table
Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Gift Shop: Saturn V, VentureStar X-33, 1/100 Shuttle Stack, Surveyor, Titan III, and much, much more!
Classic Paper Space Models: R-7 Sputnik, R-7 Vostok, R-7 Transporter, Proton, Titan 1/X-20, LK Lander, ASTP Saturn 1B, Saturn C8
ClassicPaperSpaceModels/ClassicPaperSpaceModels.html (mirror site)
Cosmos 1
Saturn V
Currell Graphics Free Models (N-1, V-1, V-2, Friede
TERRIERS satellite
Friendship 7
Ariane 4
Stardust Spacecraft
NASA's Great Observatories
Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) Satellite
Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE)
Pioneer 10
Mars Climate Orbiter
Mars Polar Lander (cruise configuration)
Mars Polar Lander (landed configuration)
Yohkoh solar satellite
Mars Pathfinder

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Sven Knudson