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Manufacturer: Accurate Models
Name: Apollo Saturn V - F1 Engine
Scale: 1:20
Kit contents: 50 resin parts (according to the instruction checklist... I counted 54)
41 white metal parts (checklist: I counted 50)
35 laser cut acrylic parts (checklist: I counted 37)
4 rectangular ABS parts
styrene strip
2 long brass rods
1 thick brass rod
Instruction CD
Comments: Oh, my goodness, is this an impressive kit! It's also big, but then pretty much everything about the Saturn V was big. The kit consists of resin, white metal, acrylic, and ABS parts, supplemented with brass rod and styrene strip. (The difference in the parts count between the instruction checklist callout and my count may reflect some extra pieces, but I didn't investigate.) The main engine bell is divided into two resin parts that are detailed on both the inside and outside. The other resin parts represent the various valves, pumps, turbine exhaust, heat exchangers, etc. They are all crisply molded with excellent details. There are some visible air bubbles in the end of the lower engine bell that will need filling. There's also the remnants of the pour stub on the lower bell that will need to be removed. The turbine exhaust has a seam that will need some sanding as well. Most of the other resin parts have been removed from their pour plugs, but some small cleanup will be required on some parts. The laser cut acrylic parts need no cleanup but will require some careful handling, as some of them are quite small and fragile. Some of the white metal parts have minor flash that will need to be cleaned up. Parts are included for a display stand that mimics the support stand used by Rocketdyne when building and displaying the real engine. The instructions are a PDF file on the included CD-ROM that you will have to print. (I suppose you could just view the instructions on your computer, but you will have to print at least one page for the display stand alignment pattern.) The instructions are quite detailed, spanning 32 pages, and are separated into major subassemblies with both text and photos illustrating the construction. Each step also includes very detailed painting and weathering instructions to make the engine appear to have been test-fired. Model Masters paint and metalizers along with Tamiya clear colors are recommended by Accurate Models.
web: http://www.customreplicas.com
Reference Price:
(as of 2/20/05)
$225.00 plus shipping

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